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摘要: 导读在现行的科技时代,高等教育越来越受重视,但是高校的学费制定却是一个大问题。美国的做法是由学生自己负担,但



Paying for universities


The merits of going English


Why educationalists like the English system of tuition fees financed by loans on easy terms


Aug 10th 2017

UNIVERSITY used to be for a privileged few. In some countries it is now almost a rite of passage. Although that is excellent news, few countries have worked out how to pay for it. In some of continental Europe, where the state often foots the bill, the result has usually been underinvestment. In America, where students themselves pay, many have little choice but to take on huge debts.


  • Rite  n. 仪式;惯例,习俗;典礼

  • Foot the bill  负担费用,付帐

  •  Underinvestment  n. 投资不足

English policymakers thought they had struck the right balance, with a mix of student fees and generous state loans that has found admirers abroad. But, nearly two decades after youngsters were first required to contribute to tuition costs, the system has dwindling support at home. Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s leader and many students’ favourite political philosopher, speaks as though it were designed to keep the poor from tainting the ivory towers. He has called for an end to the “debt burden” on students, and has claimed that “fewer working-class young people are applying to university.” Labour’s showing at the recent election suggests many young voters agree.

英国政策制定者们认为他们已取得了恰当的平衡,在国外已经有对学生费用和慷慨的国家贷款这两者的结合的赞誉之声。但是,在年轻人们第一次被要求为学费付出贡献之后的近二十年后,国内的这一体制正减小支持的力度。Jeremy Corbyn,一个工党领袖和许多学生喜爱的政治哲学家,认为似乎这一制度的制定好像是为了让穷人远离象牙塔。他为学生呼吁“债务负担”的结束,并声称“在申请大学的劳动阶级的年轻人越来越少”。工党在最近的选举中的表现表明,许多年轻选民同意这一提议。

  • Dwindle  v. 减少;变小

  • Taint  vt. 污染;腐蚀;使感染 

  • Call for an end to  呼吁停止 

  • Working-class  adj. 工人阶级的;劳动阶级的

Mr Corbyn’s argument betrays a disregard for the facts, a poor understanding of student finance, or both. Twenty years ago English students could go to university free, with the state covering the cost. The result was many struggling institutions and strict limits on the numbers of students universities were allowed to take. Annual tuition fees allowed an expansion of higher education, from around 30% of 18-year-olds to more than 40%—and the proportion of youngsters going to university from poor parts of the country has grown from one-in-ten to three-in-ten. Even after the most that universities were allowed to charge was nearly trebled in 2012, to £9,000 ($14,000), the number of poor students has continued to grow.


  • Treble  adj. 三倍的;最高声部的;三层的;三重的

That is because loans for tuition are combined with gentle repayment terms. Graduates only pay back based on their income above £21,000 a year, meaning that their debts never become unmanageable. Outstanding loans are written off after 30 years. So those who do not do well financially from their education do not have to pay. Critics argue that tuition fees exacerbate inequality between generations (rich oldsters attended university free, after all), but the alternative would be greater inequality within generations—as poorer students were once again frozen out when capacity fell, and relatively wealthy graduates were subsidised from general taxation.


  • Write off  勾销;取消;很快地写好

  • Exacerbate   vt. 使加剧;使恶化;激怒

  • Freeze out  冻死;逼走

  • Subsidise  vt. 资助(等于subsidize);给...补助金

Competition cure   


The real problem with the English system is not fairness, but that fees have not driven up standards, as many officials had hoped. Almost all universities charge the maximum, whatever the course—not because they are a “cartel”, as some say, but because no university wants to suggest that it offers a cut-price, second-rate degree. Nevertheless, surveys indicate that students have seen little improvement in teaching. Many universities spend the extra money on fancy buildings and big salaries for senior managers instead.


  • Drive up  抬高;开车赶到;迫使…上升

  • Cut-price   adj. 廉价的;打折扣的

One answer would be to promote competition by giving students better information—such as which universities benefit their students most (see our calculations). The government has relaxed the rules for new institutions in the hope that they will develop new teaching methods and drive down prices. It could also encourage students to hold universities to account, with devices such as learning contracts specifying what undergraduates should expect, and by helping them switch courses if they are dissatisfied.(读者试译句) If students think they are not getting value for money, support for a scheme that is fair and progressive will dwindle. And that could lead to the most regressive step of all: scrapping tuition fees.


  • Drive down  压低;驾车驶去

  • Regressive  adj. 回归的;后退的;退化的

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 It could also encourage students to hold universities to account, with devices such as learning contracts specifying what undergraduates should expect, and by helping them switch courses if they are dissatisfied.

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